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Story Challenges

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Story Challenges- For Any Fandom
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Welcome to the revamped Story Challenges community. At the beginning of each month, a list of challenges will be presented. Each member has until the last day of the month to post a story based on one of the challenges. Every member who does write something will be included on the winners' list for the month. The mod team will then pick a story at random (which means we will put names into a hat and pull one) and that person will have a chance at winning a real, tangible prize at the end of May (also known as the end of the tv season ;)).

Many of the old rules are still the same:

1.) You can write about any tv show, movie or submit a piece of original fiction. All fandoms and shippers are welcome. You story doesn't need to be a certain length, it can be a drabble or in the form of poetry.

2.) Include the title of your story, a brief summary, any author notes and then the rating. Make sure the story is behind a cut tag.

3.) Post the story. All posts are then sent to the mod team for approval (just to weed out any one word "stories".)

Any questions you can email us at storychallenges@yahoo.com

To join just click the link above.

Only members may read the stories posted.

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November 2005 Story Challenges Winner: gonzo21 for this story: Challenge about snow