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Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.02.17 at 07:40
Just a friendly nudge that half of the month is gone so if you are trying to reach your goal of writing a story, drabble, poem, whatever for the month you should think about...writing it ;)

The link with the prompts: Story Challenges

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Prompts for the month

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.02.01 at 07:34
With the new rules you have until Feb 28 to take a prompt and write a story, drabble, poem etc and post it. If you do so you are an automatic winner. Post as many stories as you want. At the end of May you could win a real prize. Can you complete the challenge?


#1- Write a fairy tale like story expect replace the characters with your own characters or tv/movie characters.

#2- Include these elements: a boiling tea keattle, a heart to heart, a Beatles song playing in the background, a deck of cards, an injury.

#3- Take a character on the journey of the mind while the character lies near death.

#4- Write a frace using an old movie as a backdrop.

#5- Include these elements: a dark movie theater, Good and Plenty, buttery popcorn, a scream.

#6- Have you ever wondered what single event changed the life of person? Dive into what happened to a character you adore.

#7- It's snowing. There is a bed and breakfest. Only one room. Only one bed. Cliques! Have some fun.

#8- Write a happy ending for your favorite couple that includes- a note and an apology. Use Valentine's Day.

#9- Include these elements: a found cat, a shot glass, a car out of gas.

#10- Use this Lost screencap to create a story:

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Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.29 at 22:49
Copied from info page:

Welcome to the revamped Story Challenges community. At the beginning of each month, a list of challenges will be presented. Each member has until the last day of the month to post a story based on one of the challenges. Every member who does write something will be included on the winners' list for the month. The mod team will then pick a story at random (which means we will put names into a hat and pull one) and that person will have a chance at winning a real, tangible prize at the end of May (also known as the end of the tv season ;)).

Many of the old rules are still the same:

1.) You can write about any tv show, movie or submit a piece of original fiction. All fandoms and shippers are welcome. You story doesn't need to be a certain length, it can be a drabble or in the form of poetry.

2.) Include the title of your story, a brief summary, any author notes and then the rating. Make sure the story is behind a cut tag.

3.) Post the story. All posts are then sent to the mod team for approval (just to weed out any one word "stories".)

Any questions you can email us at storychallenges@yahoo.com

To join just click the link above.

Only members may read the stories posted.

Are you up for the Challenge?

We are trying to make this community work better, so a few changes to do so. The challenge list will be presented on Feb. 1 and every member will have 28 days to write a story. See how many months you can complete the challenge.


Challenge fic.

Posted by gonzo21 on 2006.01.26 at 11:09
Stolen from a bunch of fifth graders... What is love? Answer this question with a story, drabble, or poem.


Love lives in the beats between words.

Long silence measured out by touch and glance and whispered meaning. Such gently fierce nature, that kiss, this caress. Whispered words at midnight. Safety here, trust and tenderness, held in the embrace of mind, knowing such importance. My life for you.

And there, everything you need to know. All sense of the world contained within this great and terrifying secret. Beyond the mad rush or the heat or the dizzying passion, through that illusion to somewhere else. Or a colder route, a darker door, through the pain of numbness. Pass beyond these hundred steps of wisdom, and see, and know, and understand what it takes to make a believer of us all.

You don't need to believe. That is not where its power lies, it can shape you regardless.

Break it then, shattered and destroyed. Lain bloody ruin, cut and pound and then when you are done, plough salt into the earth. And nothing shall live here again. No bud, no tree, no blade of grass. This land is poison, this air diseased. The birds themselves shall fall to ground should they even dare fly over.

Gasping and choking, and lay in the dust and despair.

And ask for a kiss.

Tears fall here, between worlds. Reason when it speaks cannot be heard. And again you ask, and I tell you plain. I have none of this richness.

And then the key to morning will turn, and hours tick away. And awaken, and sweet memories of a dream held soft for a moment. Perception changes, melting and reforming beneath harsh light. Breath stronger, and touch the ground.

Take my hand, dance. Ride, be fearless. Dare to hope. Surrender, collapse, and rot into the ground. And dreams and nightmares both, two sides, one coin.

This then, the lesson.


(c) Simon Field. 2006.

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.25 at 23:00
There is no prompt for today.

Once I consult with my mods I think we may finally close down this community.

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January 23 Challenge

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.23 at 09:08
Choose one of these Matchbox Twenty lyrics to put in a drabble:

"...straight out from underneath then we'll see who is sorry now"

"All the times I've given in you fit me like a second skin..."

"I bet you need more than you mind"

"Yeah if you're weak can we talk about it"

"It won't be the first heart that you break"


January 20th Challenge

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.20 at 23:19
Stolen from a bunch of fifth graders... What is love? Answer this question with a story, drabble, or poem.

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January 18th Challenge

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.18 at 22:34
Include these color elements in a story:

a white blanket

a blue lamp

a red tinted pair of sunglasses

a yellow stripped piece of fabric

Good luck!


January 16th Challenge

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.01.16 at 22:47
Time for a fun "romp" challenge. Put two characters you ship in some sort of situation (like a snowbound hotel, a stuck elevator, a cave etc) where they are totally alone. Begin with agruing and tension and then...end the tension. Bonus points if you cleverly add in water.


Challenge fic.

Posted by gonzo21 on 2006.01.16 at 18:27
Write a three paragraph story with this conflict- a fire left alone. The fire can be literal or figurative (such as the fire in one's heart). Include a journey of the mind and/or spirit. Good luck!


Hephaestus dreaming, the fire left untended. Dreams of greatness there in the flames that lick and dance and devour and yearn to be more, yearn to be greater. Potentiality locked within every single spark; to fade and die in shame upon the cold tile, or to burst into life and wonder. Wild fire, glorious fire. Feel the heat on your face and eyes, taste the smoke, and the sting, and the beating caveman soul. Beauty and fear and passion. Sweat. Fear. Life. Light. Power.

The fire devours. A spark in the dry field of corn sweeps angrily in heart-stopping moments, leaving charred ruin in its wake. Renewal. The earliest metalworkers were magicians, itinerant glorious miracle workers who tamed the flames and created objects of wonder from dark simple rock. They had learnt the secrets of control. The fire left untended kills, the fire left untended destroys. Even today children are taught these most ancient lessons. And yet we forget, the most important lesson of all.

This fire burns.


(c) Simon Field 2006

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