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simon red tinged shot
Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.09.01 at 09:31
A new month, a new set of challenges.

Fandom challenges:

1.) Subtitle your fic by adding some foreign language dialogue. Maybe your character took French or lived in Italy. Use the dialogue to spice up the plot of the story.

2.) Instead of how the first ep of the season opens for your fandom, recreate the opening, have happen what you wish would occur.

3.) Strand two of your OTPs in a liquer store held hostage by a gunman.

4.) Prompt words (use one or two or all): pillow, devour, rampage, quizical, damaged, found.

Non Fandom Challenges:

5.) Use one of any of the above.

6.) Create a diary piece where your character is writing in a journal.

7.) Write a story set in Victorian times and featuring a nanny that the widowed husband of the house falls for.

8.) Make a Sliding Doors story where fate could equal two very different lives.

Good luck! Post if you complete a challenge.

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