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simon red tinged shot

Golly it's already half way through June

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.06.12 at 07:40
Ah yes the busy month of June has kept the community from having it's challenges. Sorry about that.

New Challenges- due at the end of July (seeing for the delay):

- Have a character write a letter detailing their faults, weakness, and strengths to someone else. Ex: WaT- Sam to Jack: "I have problems with men. I seem to chose ones that are totally wrong for me or will just end up breaking my heart. I keep trying to stop the pattern but I don't know if there is a real end to it."

- Write a parody of a show's season finale.

- Use these words: cove, jinxed, bash, petunias within a story

- In an original piece of fiction take a typical day of yours and make it atypical for your character.

As always the stories can be any genre unless otherwise noted, they can be based on original fiction or tv/movies, and they can be any rating. Have fun!

The winner of this season's contest shall be announced tomorrow.

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