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Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.09.01 at 09:31
A new month, a new set of challenges.

Fandom challenges:

1.) Subtitle your fic by adding some foreign language dialogue. Maybe your character took French or lived in Italy. Use the dialogue to spice up the plot of the story.

2.) Instead of how the first ep of the season opens for your fandom, recreate the opening, have happen what you wish would occur.

3.) Strand two of your OTPs in a liquer store held hostage by a gunman.

4.) Prompt words (use one or two or all): pillow, devour, rampage, quizical, damaged, found.

Non Fandom Challenges:

5.) Use one of any of the above.

6.) Create a diary piece where your character is writing in a journal.

7.) Write a story set in Victorian times and featuring a nanny that the widowed husband of the house falls for.

8.) Make a Sliding Doors story where fate could equal two very different lives.

Good luck! Post if you complete a challenge.

Posted by wordsaredead on 2006.06.14 at 16:10
Announcing the winner of the storychallenges contest!

In order to win all you had to do was write a story between November and May. Then your name was put into a drawing and one person was chosen.

The person who won is eolivet! Congrats!! You will now receive as your prize 6 months LJ time free. :)

If you would like a chnace to win a similar prize a contest will begin again this September and end May 07. Good luck!

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Golly it's already half way through June

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.06.12 at 07:40
Ah yes the busy month of June has kept the community from having it's challenges. Sorry about that.

New Challenges- due at the end of July (seeing for the delay):

- Have a character write a letter detailing their faults, weakness, and strengths to someone else. Ex: WaT- Sam to Jack: "I have problems with men. I seem to chose ones that are totally wrong for me or will just end up breaking my heart. I keep trying to stop the pattern but I don't know if there is a real end to it."

- Write a parody of a show's season finale.

- Use these words: cove, jinxed, bash, petunias within a story

- In an original piece of fiction take a typical day of yours and make it atypical for your character.

As always the stories can be any genre unless otherwise noted, they can be based on original fiction or tv/movies, and they can be any rating. Have fun!

The winner of this season's contest shall be announced tomorrow.


April Challenge

Posted by chili_powda on 2006.04.24 at 04:28
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Hey, it's my first post here, so... be kind. ;) Here's the prompt I chose from:

1.) Choose one of the words: reborn, crazied, chaos, turmoil, pariah, joy, anger, spilt, graded, crank, bellows, contained, define, sweet, helpful, blanched, or curtailed.

Original fiction, rated M for violent imagery and languageCollapse )



Posted by wordsaredead on 2006.04.11 at 22:50
For the month of April:

1.) Choose one of the words: reborn, crazied, chaos, turmoil, pariah, joy, anger, spilt, graded, crank, bellows, contained, define, sweet, helpful, blanched, or curtailed.

2.) Create a story that either begins in fantasy or reality and ends in the opposite one. (For example Fanatasy then reality).

3.) Have you ever had the feeling of hopelessness? What about a character you like? Describe that for a particular character.

4.) Using these elements create a story: paper, rock, scissors, a balloon, and a poem.

*If anyone would like to maintian this community just drop me a line at the yahoo email account. It's open for someone else to take over. *

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Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.03.13 at 22:17
This community will NOT be deleted as previously reported.

Suffice it to say that I wasn't having the best night when I made that decision but since talking with others I realize I can't just delete it, it's like running away from a problem.

The community will stay open as of right now. If you wish to write a story based on one of the challenges post away.

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Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.03.12 at 23:28
As of Friday March 17 this community will be deleted. I revamped it and tried but...oh well I learned my lesson.

We are born.

We die.

These two things are universal, and there is no escaping them.

We are the sum of our experiances, and there is no escaping that either.

We exist, always and forever inside our own minds. We can pretend to escape sometimes, with sex, with drugs. Violence. Power. Sometimes, if we pretend really hard, it can be almost like we have escaped.

But we haven't.

Because we can never escape who we are.

And we all know this, deep down. No matter how much we gnaw. They say that hell is of our own creation. And this is another truth. For those who do not like themselves, there can be no escape. They will live inside themselves forever confronted by that horrible beast, that burden, their thoughts. Their demons.

Ah, but there is an escape. I hear you whisper. And we both know. There is death.

Sometimes there is something else.

There are those who walk this world who have the power to change us. The transformative power of love is an aspect of this, an expression. They walk, they shape reality. They have seen the great and secret show and they came away knowing the trick. They know the power of thoughts and words. They have caught a glimpse of the truth. The only truth there is.

And it has made them magnificent.

They shine, like beacons. And often they do not realise it, they who are full of sweetness, they are oblivious. Unaware of their richness. Drunk on love. Blinded.

They are born.

They die.

Just like you and me.

I knew one once. And now I will die too.

There is a certain poetic elegance to this that I appreciate you cannot see. It is a thing of perspective. Trust me. We all live within our own little self-contained worlds, as a wise man said, I see not the same tree you see. Everything is unique, everything is the same. This wound, that poison, this numbness. Nothing new beneath the sun?


And there is agony in that.

And darkness closes in, thick and heavy. It starts in the peripheral vision, and sweeps in through the limbs, until all you have left is the heart and mind. And you start to wonder, which will go first. Which dark oblivion will sweep you up. And fear.

Oh yes, fear.

We are born.

We know fear.

We die.

I will leave you with this. If you find somebody who has the power to transform you, don't let them go. They can't help us escape who we are, but they can help us to be at peace with ourselves. They are rare, if you are lucky, you will meet one. But you have to be lucky, most people never will meet one of them.

They have no place in this world we have wrought.

The lights go out.


(c) Simon Field, 2006.

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New Month, New Challenges

Posted by evidenceshows on 2006.03.02 at 23:12
The rules are the same as before- challenge yourself can you complete at least one of the challenges listed before the month is up?


1.) Prompt: Forbidden

2.) Write a parody involving your favorite tv show and a recent episode of theirs.

3.) Inlcude these elements: a fancy car, a cheap bottle of wine, an all night diner, greesy fries

4.) Answer in your story this question: What is peace?

5.) A secret talent is discovered.

6.) The road trip from hell.

7.) Answer in your story this question: How do anger and silence mix?

8.) Include these elements: a bar of soap, the smell of popcorn, a burned oven mitt

9.) Prompt: Convergence

10.) Stolen from Veronica Mars but create your own story for any fandom or out of fandom for this picture:

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Original fiction, based on my recently discovered love of ballroom dancing (shtp :p )

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